A superhero is a fictional character based on a common literary or social stereotypes dedicated to protecting the public using their superhuman powers. They fight crime and social injustices by using their extraordinary abilities to outwit legal and physical limitations. Superheroes remain a well-recognized fictional icon in popular culture, often relating to social and political issues addressed in their story-lines.
In the twentieth century, superheroes and comic books were occasionally critisised for their subversive political and social ideologies, alternatively they have also glorified the dominant values of a national culture.

What if we could all our ‘everyday super’ skills of survival to combat big corporations/ unequal distribution of wealth/ corrupt existing social structures? Use our combined skills for the betterment of society and our coexisting environments?What are the dominant values within societies today? Are these value systems benefiting us/making us happy? Lets question how we identify heroines/heroes in society… Who do we recognise to be superheroes and why? With increasing poverty, precarious living circumstances globally, starvation, unemployment, sickness, death and suffering… the time is ripe for not one idolized figure to immerge, but rather a mass uprising of everyday superheroes reclaiming their fundamental human rights to live, to eat and enjoy life together. As superhero stories have historically, also been used for commentary on political, social, sexual, and philosophical controversies, lets play with this notion and create a contemporary action that addresses/ questions the status quo/ peoples perceptions of truth.

Our Super-Initiative:
To highlight unemployment issues worldwide and the precarious and unfair living/working conditions for a vast majority of the world population, questioning also social status and hierarchy. To perform a silent spectacle of semi-fictitious characters in elaborate, colourful costumes~ incorporating elements of iconographic figure of superheroes combined with personal stories of everyday heroism and survival to generate a positive message of hope and justice to the people.

By creating a spectacular we can draw attention to those overlooked by society, to generate empathy, refocus our energies into rebuilding fractured communities, providing support for one another, and creating a sense of hope. By collectively being aware of the wonder and greatness in peoples’ everyday skills and roles, we can together combat the unjust laws and existing “destructive” structures. An opportunity for us to redefine WHO are the real superheroes within society, and WHAT we can do TOGETHER to change the world.

This project was created originaly by Helena Estela  Baeza and Susie Nelson. We always tried to empower the participation in order to create an structure the most horizontal as posible. During the process of creation and development of the project, it was managed by Helena Estela Baeza and Susie Nelson, but currently each ‘Superheroe’  has the same degree of responsability and power in the team, and has the tools and skills enough to coordinate, represent or manage different situations related with the current team-work and projects in progress.


Helena Estela :  Superheroe ‘Kryteria Lyrica’,  general  and specific coordination in  the 1st phase, Design of Cardboards and correction of  text-contents, production.

Susie Nelson:  Superheroe ‘Super Golden Eggaria’, general coordination in  the 1st phase, correction and supervision of Cardboard’ text-contents in English, production.

Marcello Giovenco: Superheroe ‘Precaryon’, production.

Dolores Reina del Castillo: Superheroe ‘Wire Walker Woman’, production, costumes design assistant.

Laura Klebber: Assistance in creative and technic design of the Costumes, big participation in execution and support during some performance.

Rachel Clark: Workshops of  Improvisation, scene support.

Johannes Stieffenhöffer: Translation of Cardboard text’s and texts of Kryteria Lyrica Costume to German.

Kay Strasser and Claudia Lewezov (Claudia Koch): Documentation -Photography

Another important people’s help and support  in this project: Andreas Frie (translation of  Texts to German and documentation), Clara Sopenca (workshop of corporal expresion), Rita Ferreira (Workshop of basics notions in Scene), Natalie CREAeSPIRIT for the support in team’s management and for everything, Elina Fontainou and Jan X (video-report), M.Dolores Palop, Albert Garcia, Elisa McCausland, Mireia Pérez,  Mr and Mrs Nelson, Roberto Estela.

(please, add the people you consider must be here. Thank you.)

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