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TODAY: Superheroes taking the Streets!

Dear all,
We have the pleasure to invite You to the ‘première’ of y-our Superheroes action. It’s a kind of mix of performance, walk, demo, political and vital action, whatever … An experience, an experiment, a ‘to be ourselves’ being all the others!’. Our small piece of energy to push the current REVOLUTION.
We are not actors or performers, we are just SUPERHEROES ….
we are freestylers, just want make visible what we find unfair, trying to bring hope, inspiration and if posible, and smile.
Everybody is welcome to join us, but come without expectations and if want support us, with a Mask!
We’ll repeat this experience many times along the next months, in different contexts, trying to practise the improvisation and empower our own self-confidence. We are creating a flexible and dynamic organism to learn and grow up though this public appearances.
Don’t expect for the Excellence or a theater piece well executed… Let’s flow in grow.


Saturday 5th:

Starting around 14H in the Berlin Biennale space, in the KW (KunstWerk Institut of Contemporary Art).  Kontakt:  We’ll hang around the building, and after, we’ll continue our walk in the streets. The route is surprise.

Sunday 6th:
15H-18H =  Same plan as Saturday.

Saturday 12th:
Starting with /in the big Global Demonstration.

The next appearances will be update.

If you want more information, visit our open-group on facebook: ‘Superheroes Changing Roles’
or the Twitter accounts of each Superheroes that will be ready soon, and in which each one will publish documents and info related with our Characters.
or the Creative Actions of OccupyBerlinBiennale:

OCCUPY your weekend with us ,), and ….
May the Strength with You!

Kryteria Lyrica, Super Golden Eggaria, Wire-Walker Woman (WWW) and Precaryon.