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Activists Berlin Biennale 2012


Today,  April 26th

19h-22h.  KW (Kunst Werk- Institut of Comtemporary Art)  Augustrasse 69, Berlin-Mitte.

Free Entrance!

Let’s change finally Business for ART.

Of course, the SUPERHEROES we’ re taking part and will perform along the next 2 months, here and in different open spaces. Soon our participative- Calendar.

May the Force with You!


Occupy Berlin Biennale is an open political forum.
We are people who are taking responsibility for the society in which we want to live. We want to encourage you too. Therefore we have created at the Berlin Biennale an open, international forum for political participation, exchange and discussion.
We criticize the social, political and economic imbalances in which we live. We want to work together to find alternative approaches for profound change.
This is a creative and critical protest. People from all over the world come together to Occupy the Berlin Biennale to attend meetings, participate in interactive educational activities and to develop strategies.
We look forward to discussing sustainable social change with visitors and invited guests.
Occupy 7th Berlin Biennale! We are ready – are you ready?

Occupy Berlin Biennale ist ein offenes, politisches Forum.
Wir sind Menschen, die für die Gesellschaft in der wir leben Verantwortung tragen wollen. Wir wollen auch Dich hierzu animieren und haben deshalb auf der Berlin Biennale ein offenes, internationales Forum für politische Partizipation, Austausch und Diskussion geschaffen.
Wir leben in globalen sozialen, politischen sowie ökonomischen Schieflagen, die wir kritisieren und aus welchen heraus wir gemeinsam nach alternativen Konzepten für tiefgreifende gemeinsame Veränderungen suchen wollen.
Menschen aus der ganzen Welt kommen auf der Occupy Berlin Biennale zusammen um an Versammlungen, Aktionen der interaktiven Bildung, Gesprächen zur Strategie-Entwicklung und anderen Formen des kreativ-kritischen Protestes teilzunehmen.
Wir freuen uns darauf, gemeinsam mit Besuchern und eingeladenen Gästen über nachhaltige gesellschaftliche Veränderungen zu diskutieren.

For project proposals :

Hello world!

A superhero is a fictional character based on a common literary or social stereotypes dedicated to protecting the public using their superhuman powers. They fight crime and social injustices by using their extraordinary abilities to outwit legal and physical limitations. Superheroes remain a well-recognized fictional icon in popular culture, often relating to social and political issues addressed in their story-lines.
In the twentieth century, superheroes and comic books were occasionally criticised for their subversive political and social ideologies, alternatively they have also glorified the dominant values of a national culture.

What if we could all our ‘everyday super’ skills of survival to combat big corporations/ unequal distribution of wealth/ corrupt existing social structures? Use our combined skills for the betterment of society and our coexisting environments?What are the dominant values within societies today? Are these value systems benefiting us/making us happy? Lets question how we identify heroines/heroes in society… Who do we recognise to be superheroes and why? With increasing poverty, precarious living circumstances globally, starvation, unemployment, sickness, death and suffering… the time is ripe for not one idolized figure to immerse, but rather a mass uprising of everyday superheroes reclaiming their fundamental human rights to live, to eat and enjoy life together. As superhero stories have historically, also been used for commentary on political, social, sexual, and philosophical controversies, lets play with this notion and create a contemporary action that addresses/ questions the status quo/ people’s perceptions of truth.

Our Super-Initiative:
To highlight unemployment issues worldwide and the precarious and unfair living/working conditions for a vast majority of the world population, questioning also social status and hierarchy. To perform a silent spectacle of semi-fictitious characters in elaborate, colourful costumes~ incorporating elements of iconographic figure of superheroes combined with personal stories of everyday heroism and survival to generate a positive message of hope and justice to the people.

By creating a spectacular we can draw attention to those overlooked by society, to generate empathy, refocus our energies into rebuilding fractured communities, providing support for one another, and creating a sense of hope. By collectively being aware of the wonder and greatness in peoples’ everyday skills and roles, we can together combat the unjust laws and existing “destructive” structures. An opportunity for us to redefine WHO are the real superheroes within society, and WHAT we can do TOGETHER to change the world.